Thugwidow - Dead Colony | MP3

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Thugwidow - Dead Colony | MP3



Earlier this year, we were introduced to Manchester-based producer, Alex Harris, AKA Thugwidow, after our label affiliate, Sangam, sent us a massive folder of unreleased Thugwidow demos. We immediately approached them to work together on this project and in the months that followed, the album was refined and crafted from the few initial selected demos we chose, including Sangam joining in to contribute on several tracks himself. 

Wild emotion, insanity, restlessness and excitement are all present throughout Thugwidow's stellar debut ‘Dead Colony’, morphing together seamlessly and making each listener fully immersed in it’s deliberately deconstructed drum breaks, sinister atmosphere and time-stretched textures. 


All songs written & produced by Alex Harris, except for Track 7 & 9, written & produced by Thugwidow and Sangam. 
Artwork by Joel Perry. 
Mastered by Dilwitch at K-Labs. 


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