Sven K - City 41 | MP3


Sven K - City 41 | MP3



Enter the streets of New Mayak (dubbed City 41 by Union Officials for organization purposes) as Ilia Kuznetsov, an Internal Affairs Officer for the New Union. The year is 2050 and you are ordered by your superiors to investigate claims of illegal experiments and a possible coup by an unknown group from within. However, things may not be what they seem, as it becomes more confusing who you actually work for, and what you're doing in City 41... 

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All songs written & produced by Sven K. 
Track 3 & 12, Co-Produced by Text Chunk. 
Track 6, Co-Produced by Text Chunk & Blank Body. 
Artwork by Jeremy Coubrough & Steven Shappka. 
Mastered by Dilwitch at K-Labs.

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