Jock Club - Ridge Rockers | MP3

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jock club - ridge rockers art.jpg

Jock Club - Ridge Rockers | MP3



Andrew Flores, AKA Jock Club, best known for his refined aggressive drum workouts and hypnotic off-kilter techno, has been an associate of Kudatah for almost a year now, having released tracks on both of our Vol. 1 & 2 compilations, with ‘Ridge Rockers’ he finally brings his first full length album to the label. 

Following up from the 2 feverish 12" EPs 'Morphism' & 'In The Kings Court' released earlier this year through Ascetic House and Designer Medium Hardware, ‘Ridge Rockers’ is a deviation from the former aggressive club tools, instead embracing ominous ambient and post-industrial sounds. Through these 9 tracks, Jock Club still provides traditional dance floor material but also a highly enjoyable album listening experience.


All songs written & produced by Andrew Flores. 
Artwork by LILLITH twin. 
Mastered by Dilwitch at K-Labs. 

Jock Club

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